Thatch Projects – Construction and Theming Products for Zoo’s, Theme Parks and Resorts

Twycross Zoo

Chimpanzee Eden - Twycross Zoo

Signs-London zoo

London Zoo


Sandcastle Waterworld


Guest Services – Chester Zoo


Royal School for the Deaf

All-Saints afraid roofing

All Saints School


Edinburgh Zoo


Asian Rhinos - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


Cheetah Rock - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Tsavo-Cafe chester zoo

Tsavo Cafe – Chester Zoo

Africa Roofing supply both natural and synthetic thatch products.

Cape Reed is a completely natural, environmentally friendly South African thatch. If you require an artificial thatch product, we offer Fibre Thatch and Fibre Palm as options, plus combination thatch – a hybrid product which combines natural Cape Reed with a top layer of artificial thatch. Learn more about our range of thatch materials by visiting our products page.