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Africa Roofing has been supplying and installing high quality timber and thatched outdoor structures globally for over ten years.

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Offering both natural and synthetic thatch roofing and theming options, our product range includes covered walkways, shelters, gazebos and thatch umbrellas, along with other construction and theming materials such fencing, poles, posts, eucalyptus log flooring and more. We are also providers of a self-construction thatching system, which can transform the look of existing indoor and outdoor structures.

We are proud to have developed some of the largest thatched projects in Europe and to have been involved in the development of a cutting-edge, artificial thatch product with a life expectancy of over fifty years. Our products have many commercial applications and are perfect for outdoor classrooms, seating areas, dining areas, smoking shelters, kiosks and entertainment areas, providing both shade and shelter solutions.

Suitable for commercial applications, including:

  • Zoos
  • Airports
  • Theme parks
  • Holiday resorts
  • TV & film sets
  • Schools
africa roofing commercial
Commercial Tropical Thatch

Chester Zoo – Tsavo Cafe

A new café was to be constructed and a 1200m2 thatched roof was required. The thatched roof had to be fire retardant, require no maintenance, have a long lifespan and be aesthetically in-keeping with the look of an African thatched roof. The thatch needed to be installed on top of a new profile steel roof, which was technically challenging due to the curved eave detail on both sides. Flexible work patterns, the ability to work alongside other contractors on site and staying on schedule were all key requirements.

Fibre Thatch® tiles were the perfect solution. Fibre Thatch® is a simulated thatch roofing material made from UPVC Polymer, with a minimum life expectancy of 50 years and a fire retardant rating to BS476 Part 7 Class 1Y. Thousands of Fibre Thatch tiles were stapled on to over 5 kilometres of battens, which had been fixed onto the profile steel roof. On the verges, the Fibre Thatch® was wrapped around to make the gable ends consistent with the thicker eave sections. On the eave detail of the roof, Fibre Thatch® eave tiles were used to give an attractive natural finish and the impression of an authentic, 150mm thick thatched roof. A 52m colour-matched resin cap was installed along the length of the ridge.

The complete installation of the thatch roof took under four weeks to complete. The whole roof has a natural thatch look which is in keeping with the aesthetics of the zoo and the natural habitat of the animals, yet has all the benefits of a synthetic product.

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