Combination thatch

Combination thatch

 Combination thatch is just that – a combination of natural Cape Reed thatch and artificial thatch, manufactured into a tile format.


africa roofing combination thatch

The combination thatch tile consists of a top layer of polyolefin imitation thatch with natural Cape Reed underneath. The artificial layer of thatch protects the natural reed from the elements, reducing colour changes and deterioration, giving the thatch a longer life expectancy, whilst retaining the insulating properties of the natural Cape Reed.


  • 8-12 year lifespan (may vary due to weather conditions)
  • 100% UVC protection
  • 99% waterproof
  • Increased durability
Combination Thatch from Africa Roofing
Combination Thatch By Night


Standard Tile
Used to cover straight and round structures.

Thatch Top Cone
Forms a cap on top of the roof, or by cutting in half will close off two ends of an oval.

Fixings, ropes, screw eyes and gate staples are all available – please enquire for further details.


Thatch Tile

Top cone

Fibre Thatch Cape Reed Combination Thatch Cone Top
africa roofing thatch comparison