Eucalyptus fences and handrails

Eucalyptus fencing and handrails

Our fencing and handrails are manufactured from South African grown, non-toxic, CCA pressure treated eucalyptus timber. They add an African theme to any project and are ideal for zoos, safari parks, theme parks or nature reserves, wherever fencing, screening or walkways are required.


2m length
2.2m length
Spaced Eucalyptus Fencing Posts

Rustic Eucalyptus

Manufactured from 25-40mm eucalyptus laths of varying heights. Galvanised steel rods are put through each lath; a weather-tolerant rope is then tied around the steel rods and the eucalyptus laths. The fence can be shaped around any curve and is ideal as a temporary shelter, which can be removed after use and flattened again for easy storage.

Eucalyptus Fencing Posts

Half Pole Scalloped

Manufactured from 75-100mm eucalyptus poles, which are split in half and fixed onto horizontal, slabbed eucalyptus poles. Available in varying heights and intended for use as a permanent fence. Very strong and long lasting.