Tropical thatch

Tropical thatch

Our Tropical thatch tiles are manufactured from Cape thatching reed – a totally natural, environmentally friendly product. The thatching reed is harvested from a replenishable, renewable source, and harvesting promotes growth.


900 x 365 Tropical Thatch - Africa Roofing Fire Retardant Thatch

Tropical thatch looks different to our Cape Reed thatch product as the tiles are made using the flower or seed part of the reed, giving a natural, rustic look. Fabricated into tiles, Tropical thatch is an excellent method of creating a thatched roof without the cost and time associated with a traditional thatched roof.

The thatch tiles were designed around a Do-It-Yourself concept and can be clipped onto an 8mm diameter steel rod, rope or nailed onto a wooden batten, making construction a simple procedure. They are ideal for theming existing structures and create an entirely new look to your outside space. The thatch tiles can even be used indoors to create a thatched bar area.


  • 100% UVC protection
  • 99% waterproof
  • Natural, eco-friendly product
  • Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter
900 x 600 Tropical Thatch Umbrella
Commercial Tropical Thatch


Standard Tile
Used to cover straight and round structures.

Thatch Top Cone
Forms a cap on top of the roof, or by cutting in half will close off two ends of an oval.

Fixings, ropes, screw eyes and gate staples are all available – please enquire for further details.


Tropical Thatch Tile
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