Thatch comparison

Fibre Thatch versus natural thatch

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 Fibre Thatch (synthetic)Natural thatch
Life expectancyPhysical deterioration due to weather conditions does not occur. A Fibre Thatch roof can last more than 50 years.Life expectancy varies between 2 and 30 years, depending on climatic conditions and global location.
MaintenanceTotally maintenance free. No additional maintenance costs.Minimal maintenance required.
Waterproof100% waterproof when used with a suitable sub roof99% waterproof - 100% when used with a suitable sub roof
UV protection100% protection100% protection
ColourFibre Thatch is UV protected to prevent fading.As the natural reed ages, the colour will change and become grey/brown in appearance.
FirePVC and polyolefin FR Fiber Thatch is fire protected, and so there is no risk from flying sparks - an open fireplace is allowed.Natural materials pose a risk of fire, even when a quality fire retardant treatment is used.
InsurancePremiums are the same as the most conventional roof types.A surcharge will likely apply and some insurers may refuse to cover - specialist insurance may be required.
Rodents, birds, insectsAs a man-made product, rodents, birds and insects will not frequent a Fibre Thatch roof.Bird and rodent damage may occur. Preventative measures against insects do exist.
Mould, rot and decayNot susceptible to mould, rot or decay.Natural thatch is a fertile ground for moss which can cause mould, rot and decay.
Allergies and bacteriaSynthetic (plastic) Fibre Thatch is not susceptible.Allergies to natural thatch and bacteria growth may be a problem.
Storm damageEasily repaired. Fibre Thatch is supplied in a DIY tile which can be replaced simply.The DIY, tile format of our natural thatch means damage can be repaired much more easily than a traditional thatched roof.
Wind resistanceWill pass winds in excess of 180kph.The behaviour of natural thatch has not been recorded.
InstallationInstallation cost is low, as no specialist craftsmen are required.Traditional thatching can be a time consuming, complex process requiring specific skills. However our natural thatch is provided in a tile format, making installation simple.
Availability of materialFactory manufactured - no seasonal shortages.As a completely natural, environmental friendly product, natural thatch supplies may be affected by seasonal shortages, droughts, etc.
CodeMeets the requirements and codes of most countries in the world.Special codes apply in most countries regarding the use of natural thatch.
Roof pitchCan be installed on a pitch as low as 25 degrees.A minimum pitch of 45 degrees is recommended.