Fibre Thatch

Fibre Thatch

Fibre Thatch is a new innovation and is perfect if you want the look of traditional thatch with added life expectancy and minimal maintenance.


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Fibre Thatch is a simulated thatch made from UPVC Polymer, and comes in an easy-to-use tile format.

Fibre Thatch tiles are quick and easy to install – no special tools or skills are needed. The tiles can be clipped onto an 8mm diameter steel rod or rope, or nailed onto a wooden batten using rust-free nails or staples. The tiles are installed in layered courses at 5.4 tiles per square meter. The minimum suggested pitch is 25 degrees – much lower than traditional thatch materials. A sub-roof of marine ply and felt is also recommended.

Although a synthetic product, Fibre Thatch creates a smooth, completely natural looking thatch finish that is only identifiable as artificial if physically touched.


  • Life expectancy minimum 50 years
  • 100% waterproof when used with a suitable sub-roof
  • Exceptionally durable
  • 100% UV protection
  • Not susceptible to mould, rot or decay
  • No fading of colour
  • No maintenance required


  • Fibre Thatch® is a simulated thatch manufactured from UPVC polyolefin
  • A flexible polyurethane binding strip is used to glue the simulated thatch strands into the tile, allowing the tiles to bend and conform to unusual and undulating rooflines
  • Contains stabilizers and lubricants designed for outdoor use
  • Contains antioxidants, fire retardants and inorganic chrome type pigments
  • Tensile impact strength tested to 152KJ/m-AsTM D1822
  • Vicat softening tested to (5kg) 83C/ASTM D1525
  • Each tile measures 800mm x 450mm x 12.5mm thickness and weighs 1.5kg
  • Each standard tile will cover 0.2 metres

To calculate the amount of tiles needed, divide the roof area by 0.2

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Fibre Thatch Material from Africa Roofing


Standard Tile
Used to cover straight and round structures.

Thatch Top Cone
Forms a cap on top of the roof, or by cutting in half will close off two ends of an oval.

Eave Section
Forms a dense thatch on the bottom row and, by trimming, will fit a 90 degree corner.

Fixings, ropes, screw eyes and gate staples are all available – please enquire for further details.


Fibre Thatch Tile

Top cone

Fibre Thatch Cape Reed Combination Thatch Cone Top

With our own teams of trained installers, we can quote for both the supply and install of Fibre Thatch tiles to your individual requirements.


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