Cape Reed Thatch Tiles

Cape Reed Thatch Tiles

Cape reed thatch is a totally natural, environmentally friendly product. The thatching reed is harvested from a replenishable, renewable source, and harvesting promotes growth.


Cape Reed Thatching Material

Fabricated into tiles, Cape Reed thatch is an excellent method of creating a thatched roof structure without the cost and time associated with a traditional thatched roof. Cape Reed tiles produce an authentic roof which looks stunning, but most importantly requires no maintenance.

The standard cape reed thatch tiles were designed around a Do-It-Yourself concept and can be clipped onto an 8mm diameter steel rod, rope or nailed onto a wooden batten, making construction a simple procedure. They are ideal for theming existing structures and create an entirely new look to your outside space or garden buildings such as a Breeze House. The thatch tiles can even be used indoors to create an african cape reed thatched bar area.


  • 100% UVC protection
  • 99% waterproof
  • Natural, eco-friendly product
  • Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter


  • South African Cape Reed Thatch (Thamnochortus Insignis family of reeds)
  • Flexible binding strip, allowing the tiles to bend and conform to unusual undulating roof lines
  • Binding strip consists of a two-part polyurethane mixture, reinforced with a nylon woven mesh
  • Each standard tile measures 800mm wide x 450mm high x 25mm thick and weighs approximately 4kg
  • Each standard or heavy tile will cover 0.28 square metres

To calculate the amount of tiles needed, divide the roof area by 0.28

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Cape Reed Thatch Roofing


Standard/Heavy Tile
Used to cover straight and round structures.

Thatch Top Cone
Forms a cap on top of the roof, or by cutting in half will close off two ends of an oval.

Corner Tile
Covers 90 degree corners.

Ridge Cap / Ridge Cap End
Perfect for an all-over thatch finish on an oval shaped building or any building with a ridge.
Gives a straight edge to the finish.

Fixings, ropes, screw eyes and gate staples are all available – please enquire for further details.

Cape Reed Tile

Cape Reed Thatch Combination Thatch Tile

Cape Reed Top cone

Fibre Thatch Cape Reed Combination Thatch Cone Top

Cape Reed Corner tile

Cape Reed Thatch Corner Tile

Ridge cap

Ridge cap

Ridge cap end

Ridge cap end

With offer a number of Cape Reed thatch kit-form products, offering quick and easy installation.

View Cape Reed thatch roofing kits

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