Fibre Palm – Artificial Palm Leaf

Artificial Palm Leaf Roofing

Artificial palm leaf, also known as Fibre Palm is an artificial thatch product which imitates palm leaves and has a tropical island aesthetic. It is manufactured into tiles, and boasts maximum life expectancy with minimal maintenance.


fibre palm Theming

Fibre Palm was developed as a realistic, long-lasting artificial palm leaf thatch replacement for natural leaf thatch mediums such as cape reed. It is available in two formats, Bali and Makuti, both of which are synthetic imitations of the types of thatch commonly found in the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and African Tropics areas.

Fibre Palm tiles offer exceptional covering at 3 tiles per square metre. Although originally intended to be installed on top of a sub roof, such as waterproofed plywood or corrugated metal sheet roofing, it is also possible to install Fibre Palm tiles on gazebos, tiki bars and umbrella frames without a sub roof by fitting the Fiber Roofing clip system to the tiles. The tiles simply clip onto 8mm diameter rods in the usual overlay pattern spaced at 400mm. The tiles can also be stapled or nail onto wood roof battens. Fibre Palm tiles installed without a sub roof will provide a 98% waterproof roof covering.

Markets & Applications

Suitable for Theme Parks, Leisure Resorts, Hospitality, Zoos, Domestic Garden Structures and Beach Umbrellas.


Our thatch tiles are easy to install. See the tile formats and fixtures below. For size specifications click the comparison page.


We guarantee to beat any price quoted on other artificial palm leaf thatch products in the UK. Contact us on for a quote or for full price information.



  • Life expectancy minimum 50 years
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Realistic & Long Lasting
  • Easy to Install
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance free
  • Fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 Class 1Y
  • Not susceptible to mould, rot or decay
  • Reduction in allergens
  • No colour fade
Bali Fibre Palm Thatch

Bali - slightly thinner and more yellow than the Makuti leaf

Makuti Fibre Palm Thatch

Makuti - slightly broader than the Bali, with more of a brown/grey colour


Standard/Heavy Tile
Used to cover straight and round structures.

Thatch Top Cone
Forms a cap on top of the roof, or by cutting in half will close off two ends of an oval.

Corner Tile
Covers 90 degree corners.

Fixings, ropes, screw eyes and gate staples are all available – please enquire for further details.


Fibre Palm Thatched Tile

Top cone

Fibre Palm Thatched Top Cone

Corner tile

Fibre Palm Thatch Corner Tile
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