Ceilings, ropes and flooring

Ceilings, ropes and flooring

Eucalyptus log flooring

Our log flooring is made from logs cut from eucalyptus trees, which are glued into standard size boxes for easy handling. The log flooring is fixed by placing the boxes of logs on a level area and packing them tightly together. The flooring is finished by grouting with a sand and cement mixure.


  • Each box of log flooring measures 400mm x 430mm
  • All logs in the flooring are CCA treated
  • Easy to install
Wood and Log Flooring
Africa Roofing Log Flooring

Natural Cape Reed ceiling boards

Our Cape Reed ceiling boards create an African safari lodge look with a natural thatch effect. The boards are used to line the internal roof of a structure, and can also be used as wall boards.

  • 3.2mm Masonite board backing
  • Cape Reed applied to front of board with heat resistant glue compound

600mm x 600mm2kg8mm
Large 1220mm x 2440mm14kg8mm
ThatchedCeilingBoards AfricaRoofing

Decorative ropes

All of our decorative ropes are made from South African indigenous reeds and grasses, and created by African craftsmen using traditional methods which have been handed down from generation to generation. The ropes are ideal for trimming wall coverings, ceilings boards and used as lashing to timber posts, and all ropes offered are fire retardant.

ThemingRopes AfricaRoofing


A. Natural Zulu rope wide oval - pronounced braid50 x 20mm
B. Natural Zulu rope oval - pronounced braid25 x 12mm
C. Natural Buffels grass rope - very thin woven and delicate2mm diameter
D. Natural Buffels grass rope - braided10 x 5mm
E. Natural Buffels grass rope - 4 strands woven together35 x 6mm
F. Natural Buffels grass rope - 6 strands woven together65 x 10mm
G. Natural Buffels grass rope - woven together to form a beautiful round rope20mm diameter