Thatch Tiles & Thatch Roofing Materials

Africa Roofing supply both natural and synthetic materials for thatched buildings and structures.

Cape Reed is a completely natural, environmentally friendly South African thatch. If you require an artificial thatch material, we offer Fibre Thatch and Fibre Palm as options, plus combination thatch – a hybrid product which combines natural Cape Reed with a top layer of artificial thatch.

Natural Cape Reed

South African Cape Reed thatch is a totally natural product, which combines simplicity of use with a beautiful appearance. The thatching reed is harvested from a replenishable, renewable source, and harvesting actually promotes growth.

The thatch is pre-fabricated into tiles that can be easily clipped on to a metal frame or rope or attached to a wooden batten.

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Tropical thatch material

Tropical thatch is also manufactured from natural Cape Reed, but has a more rustic appearance as the actual seeds and flower parts of the reed are used.

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Synthetic thatch material

We have a number of artificial thatch options available, all of which have the appearance of their natural equivalents but with other advantages including increased longevity and durability, and decreased maintenance requirements.

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Fibre Thatch

FibrePalmMaterial AfricaRoofing

Fibre Palm

Our Combination Thatch

Combination thatch

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