Family Treehouse Project

Family Treehouse Project

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to applications for Africa Roofing’s timber and thatching products.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. No project is too big or too small.

We are happy to develop projects from start to finish or work with architects and in-house project teams.

We strive to be as flexible as our clients’ requirements are individual.

Last year, we met with Paul Cameron, Director of Treehouse Life to discuss a landscaping project he was undertaking with award-winning designer, Fiona Stephenson.

Treehouse Life designs and creates treehouses, treetop walkways, rope bridges, woodland gyms, hanging garden seats and wooden playsets. Elton John and Gary Barlow are amongst his clients, as well as treehouse holiday resorts.

Paul remarks:

“Creating our treehouses is all about Adventure, Make-Believe, Fantasy and Fun – what better way to make this happen and come alive than discovering all that Africa Roofing could bring to the project.”

It promised to be an inspired and playful family garden project. Africa Roofing supplied a 3-metre timber frame along with Cape Reed thatch to create a roof for a treehouse he was looking to build.

Paul transformed the site from a sea of mud into an awesome family treehouse playhouse playset with hammocks inside for sleep-overs, a large deck for family suppers and rope bridge leading to an “island” play deck with Firemen’s Pole, large Slide, Climbing Wall and “wobbly” Rope Ladder.

Paul commented:

“Our passion is ‘wow-factor’ and Africa Roofing has added that magic – our clients were kind to recognise this…”

“The end product is brilliant and the whole family loves it!”  – Customer testimonial

Cape Reed Thatch

Africa Roofing’s Cape Reed thatch is a totally natural product, which is both simple to use and beautiful to look at.

Our Cape Reed thatch is pre-fabricated into tiles that can be easily clipped on to a metal frame or rope or attached to a wooden batten We also supply thatched cover kits for circular and oval shelters, buildings and walkways

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