Theming Products & Effects

Theming Products & Effects

When it comes to theming, we have the products to make the experience complete.

From fencing to flooring, ropes to robust poles, we have an extensive collection of theming products to help you create a truly immersive experience.

Depending on the style of theming, there are many creative ways to use Africa Roofing products to build an authentic experience.

For example, our range of eucalyptus posts are easy to varnish for the exact colour, meaning they could be used for historical looking buildings, such as cottages or farm buildings for installations or film sets. Of course, our natural Cape Reed thatch would be a great accompaniment here too. We also have Redwood posts which provide a different look.

Our natural Cape Reed ceiling boards create an African-style safari lodge appearance, with a thatch effect. The boards can be used to line the internal roof of a structure, but also as wall panels too, to maintain consistency and allow the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

For a great tiki-style look, our eucalyptus log flooring creates an authentic outdoor style flooring, made from logs cut from Eucalyptus trees. The flooring is grouted with a sand and cement mixture, to give the illusion of walking straight from the beach to the bar! Along with an artificial thatch, such as Fibre Palm, the ultimate tiki destination is easy to re-create!

Our decorative ropes are a great way to incorporate a nautical theme to any space – rope bridges and lashings from timber posts are a popular choice, but there are a plethora of creative uses and designs, your imagination is truly the only limitation.

A tropical fencing option reminiscent of driftwood is our eucalyptus fencing and handrails. With both temporary and permanent versions, these are creative choices for blocking off areas and hiding storage, yet all in-keeping with your theme.

Make sure you explore all of our theming options in order to create an authentically captivating experience, no matter the theme.