Twycross Zoo – Chimpanzee Eden Case Study

Last year Africa Roofing supplied the thatching materials to create the two entry points to Twycross Zoo’s Chimpanzee Eden.

The Bali Fibre Palm serves to create an authentic and inviting welcome to one of the Zoo’s newest habitats.

As visitors enter Chimpanzee Eden through the thatched entrance, they are transported to the jungle and can watch chimps thundering through overhead tunnels leading onto a giant outdoor habitat.

Viewing windows and platforms allow visitors to get to know the chimps individual personalities, watch them play and interact with one another.

Stepping into the light at the end of the tunnel which winds its way through the themed habitat, visitors exit through another thatched entry point, this time a conical shape atop a rondavel style building.

Fibre Palm was developed as a realistic, long-lasting artificial palm leaf thatch replacement for natural leaf thatch mediums such as cape reed.

It is available in Bali as well as Makuti, both of which are synthetic imitations of the types of thatch commonly found in the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and African Tropics areas.

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