Natural looking synthetic thatch

Natural looking synthetic thatch

Natural looking synthetic thatch

When you run a theme park, zoo or successful family attraction, you need your destination to be a fully immersive experience. And that’s why Africa Roofing’s natural looking, synthetic thatch is such a great solution for so many of our clients.

Whilst natural thatch can be the preferred option for many of our clients, because of the stunning aesthetic it creates (and let’s face it – you really can’t beat the real deal can you?), it’s often not the most practical solution. When we designed our synthetic thatch range, we set out to create something that was as natural looking as possible, but with less maintenance, less fuss and overall less investment in the long term for our clients.

Our synthetic fibre thatch range offers the same UV protection as our natural thatch, but with so many added benefits. There’s no maintenance required as it is not susceptible to mould, rot or decay. It’s 100% waterproof when used with a sub roof and can last up to fifty years (in comparison to our natural thatch, which can last between 2 and 30 years depending on the range you choose, the elements it is exposed to and the maintenance it receives), which is a great life span for any leisure attraction design fixture.

It’s also really easy to repair should it fall victim to any storm damage, as no specific craftsman are required to undertake the repair work; as thatch tiles are used, they can be easily swapped and changed.

And when you look at the results achieved by this style of thatch, many people can’t even tell the difference between this and our natural thatch range!

If you want to create a stunning tropical aesthetic in your park, how about our fibre palm range? This synthetic material is designed to imitate the gorgeous look and feel of natural palm leaves. Again, this option boasts minimal maintenance with maximum life expectancy and can really give your bar, café, pool-side lounge or spa relaxation room a tropical paradise feel.

So, what will it be? Whether you opt for the fibre thatch or the fibre palm option, you are sure to create a perfect look within your attraction with less fuss but all the fun for your guests!