Theme park thatch

Theme park thatch

Theme park thatch

At Africa Roofing, we just love our job. We get to work with such fantastic, creative and empowering businesses all over the UK, and it’s this expanse of variation that keeps us excited about thatch!

As you know, we supply thatched materials and roofing for a huge variety of business sectors including spa resorts, hotels, zoos, wildlife parks and even schools. But, one of the most thrilling areas has to be our work with theme parks. After all, it’s a thrill-seekers paradise!

A visit to a theme park is so much more than those hair-raising, rip-roaring rollercoasters though. It’s all about a fully immersive experience. Each and every visitor that enters through the gates needs to be transported to another world for that day. They need to forget all their worries, all their stresses and enjoy every second around the park.

To achieve this, a theme park needs a super aesthetic – and that’s where we come in.

Our range of synthetic and natural thatch options, combined with our impressive and sturdy timber choices create the most breath-taking buildings to give your park the edge. And, it doesn’t stop there – we also supply the following products to complete the theme:

  • Rustic-themed fencing
  • Walkways with thatched roofs
  • Storage units, often designed to blend in seamlessly with their location
  • Bespoke buildings and structures
  • Shade and shelter solutions
  • Dining and seating areas for outdoors
  • Theming decoration for building interiors
  • Pop-up tiki huts and barrow roofing

The options available and endless possibilities they lead to can contribute to creating the perfect park. It’s almost as exciting as the exhilarating drop on your biggest ‘coaster!

If your theme park looks and feels far removed from their every day world, your visitors will feel a million miles away from all their cares, and able to fully immerse themselves in all the fun you have to offer.

And that’s what a visit to the theme park is all about.