Zoo Theming – Environmentally Friendly Thatch Materials

Zoo Theming – Environmentally Friendly Thatch Materials

Thatch & Natural Materials – Perfect For Zoo Theming

We’re more than just thatch, so this week we look at how our wide range of products can be used in zoo theming projects Worldwide.

We all enjoy a trip to the zoo, whether as a child, roaring at the lions, or as an adult, entertaining our own children and teaching them about wildlife. It’s a fun day for the whole family, but behind the scenes of these well maintained animal attractions, a large team have worked hard to design, build and add the finishing touches to many zoo attractions and feature areas. That’s before you even account for the zoo keepers, buyers, hospitality and other park staff.

That’s where we play a very significant part, and actually we’re proud of the work that we’ve done previously with a wide range of zoos and wildlife parks. In fact here’s a summary of the products that we offer that complement the bits you may have seen at the zoo:

  • Rustic themed fencing
  • Animal enclosure design materials
  • Walkways with thatched roofs
  • Storage units often designed to fit in with the area
  • bespoke buildings and structures
  • shade and shelter solutions
  • Dining and seating areas for outdoors
  • Theming decoration for within buildings
  • Tiki pop up huts and barrow roofing
  • Thatch (whether natural or synthetic) for roofing and theming, both indoors or outdoors.

You could say that we provide natural building materials for zoo decoration because with quality products such as eucalyptus, cape reed, tropical thatch, timber structures, oak table sand tulip wood storage units we’re keen on sticking to an environmentally friendly product.

Our Existing Zoo Projects:

Chester Zoo


Cheetah Rock – Whipsnade Zoo