Thatched Umbrellas, Tiki Bar Covers, Tropical Parasols and more

Thatched Umbrellas, Tiki Bar Covers, Tropical Parasols and more

Tropical Theming with Thatched Umbrellas

Whatever you call them, the versatile thatched umbrella can be found across the World, and the good news – you just found a fantastic supplier


You’re on holiday, or at a wildlife park, or maybe you’ve gone to a beautiful outdoor public house for a drink or maybe you’ve taken the kids to a waterpark – in lots of themed places you’ll see them. We’re talking about thatched umbrellas, tropical island tiki umbrellas, thatched parasols – whatever you call them, thatched umbrellas come in so many varieties, but we think you’ll agree, they definitely add a lot of theming to an area. What commercial venue wouldn’t want to add the charm and lifestyle of the islands to their business environment? It helps with customer satisfaction and perception of good value, plus it all adds up to good revenue as customers return, often spreading positive experiences through word of mouth reviews.

Thatch is a great alternative to traditional parasols and beach umbrellas. Natural thatch umbrellas kits from Africa Roofing can be used for theming, visual effects or both shade and protection from harmful UV rays and rainy weather conditions. Thatch umbrellas allow warm air to escape through the umbrella producing shade that is approximately 10 degrees cooler than canvas alternatives and natural thatch is much cooler than its synthetic counterpart in the Summer. If installed correctly, thatch umbrellas are 99% waterproof. How? Natural thatch is made of reeds that when bound together, resist penetration by water. To make them 100% waterproof you can use additional spraying and install a liner to prevent the liquid from falling. Although we think 99% is fairly adequate.

When looking for tropical building materials for your hotel or resort, many developers and builders choose natural thatch tiki umbrellas.  The fact that the materials are 99% waterproof makes tiki umbrellas perfect for poolside resorts and other guest outdoor entertainment areas. We’ve also has customers use them indoors and never have to replace them as they remain in near perfect condition while being used as props.


Sustainable Tiki Umbrellas

We’re conscious of our impact on the environment, so our thatch tiki umbrellas which are made from natural reeds, are plentiful and regrow quickly, so you can be confident that you’re working with a sustainable thatch material that is not harming the environment. We’re also members of the FSC.

Easy to Install Tropical Parasols

Another great feature to our thatched umbrellas is that they can be installed once and left open. They don’t have to be opened and closed daily because the clipped panels on the rebar flex to allow for wind. That give prevents wind uplift–an important practical aspect to our umbrella line. This diminishes the wear and tear on the umbrella as well as the time you spend putting umbrellas up and down. The pins and fittings on typical canvas market umbrellas break often because they need to be opened and closed daily.

Thatched Umbrellas Specification

Our thatched umbrellas can be purchased in a variety of sizes which you can find here. They’re also available with or without seated tables. Our seated tables are manufactured from durable Scandinavian Redwood and are suitable for 4, 6 or 8 people. Please note that tables are not sold individually and are only available as an umbrella kit.


  • Cape Reed Natural Thatch
  • Pre-fabricated tiles (800x450mm and 20mm thick)
  • Powder coated metal roof
  • Metal pole
  • 99% waterproof
  • 100% UVC Protected

Africa Roofing works in partnership with reputable suppliers who produce the eco-friendly, high-quality architectural materials to present a dynamic list of options when considering the environment. Africa Roofing is the number one choice for thatch and theming materials, including thatch panels, eucalyptus poles, decorative wall and ceiling coverings, natural screens and woven boards, rustic fencing, thatch umbrellas and synthetic tile roofing.